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Trapping is the best method of removing wild hogs. Ensure there is no food source, which can be challenging as hogs can eat nearly anything. Fencing can be effective in the right situation. It is always best to contact our wild hog professionals.

How To Tell If You Have Feral Hog Damage

  • Signs of wild hog damage can come in a variety of different ways. Some damage can be very severe and costly when affecting environmental, commercial, and residential properties. Damage signs include Rooting or (Grubbing), Wallering, or Rubbing.

  • Rooting: wild hog rooting is to obtain food, and is the breaking up of soil near the surface layer. Damage can be minor to immense environmental impacts depending on the depth and area uprooted.

  • Wallering: Wallows made by wild hogs can be made to keep cool in the summer time, or to keep warm in the winter. These rooted areas in the ground will be where hogs will lay, usually around or under cover.

  • Rubbing: The rubbing of trees by wild hogs are scratching or scent marking posts. Repeated or heavy rubbing can damage tree bark, and even soil seedlings. Trees can be affected by tusk gashing as well.

Florida Nuisance Wild Hog Control

Nuisance wild hog removal and animal control services in Florida.

Posted by Animal Rangers, Inc. on Monday, July 22, 2013

Wild Hog Damage

Wild Hogs cause major damage to environmental, commercial, and residential areas while rooting for food, destroying vegetation, crops, and gardens. Damage is often caused at night, when hogs are most active, leaving the aftermath of the destruction to be discovered the next day. 

Wild Hog Disease And Health Concerns

Wild Hogs can spread disease to people, pets, and livestock both directly and indirectly. According to the CDC (Center For Disease Control) there are 40 human communicable diseases associated with wild hogs. Avoid direct contact with wild hogs. If hunting and field dressing a feral hog, wear glove protection. Feral Hogs can contaminate water sources indirectly affecting people, pets, and livestock.

Wild Hog

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