Professional Rat Removal and Rodent Control Services
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Ways to Detect a Rat or Mouse Problem

  • Seeing a mouse or rodent crawling up or under your home

  • Finding their droppings can be an indicator there was or is a rodent problem

  • Hearing noises sounding like “pitter patter”  in the attic or walls

  • Finding gnawed wires or air conditioning duct work

Rodent Control

Common Reasons For Rat & Mice Removal Services

  • Rodents can cause a lot of damage
    Both rats and mice can cause a lot of damage destroying electrical wires, air conditioning duct work and dry wall. Rodent removal is essential to prevent costly damage in the attic. We not only remove the animals; we also offer animal proofing service to help prevent a re-occurrence.

  • Rodents are unsanitary and could cause negative health effects
    They typically leave their feces and urine in the attic insulation and various places in your home or attic. In bad infestations this will produce a strong and sometimes unbearable smell and could cause negative health effects. This smell can increase when the rodents die and begin to decompose. The dead animal can also lead to parasites and additional odorous bacteria that need to be removed.

  • Rodents carry diseases
    Rats and mice carry many different diseases including toxoplasmosis, typhus, trichinosis and rat bite fever. Salmonellosis is also spread by fecal droppings from rats and mice.

  • They reproduce quickly and can cause an infestation
    Prompt rodent control is important because rats and mice reproduce quickly, having several litters per year and multiplying the population in a short time. Trapping rodents early while the population is low is recommended before the infestation escalates.

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