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Foxes can look very cute but are also very dangerous. Foxes are one of the largest carriers of the rabies virus on the East Coast, and rabies is 100% fatal if left untreated. A fox is also a threat to small pets. It is important to get your problem with foxes remedied before they become a larger problem.

Common Reasons for Fox Trapping and Fox Removal Services:

  • Foxes can kill small pets
    Foxes usually feed on invertebrates (such as worms, snails, and insects) and small rodents, but will occasionally feed on small animals. A small pet dog or cat could easily become the prey to a hungry fox. Many people become aware of a possible fox attack near their home or office when their pet goes missing. Unlike coyotes, a fox will kill its prey and take it back to the fox den to either feed its young or bury the dead animal for a later meal. Most farmers consider foxes a nuisance because foxes feed on chickens, baby goats, and lambs.

  • Foxes carry disease
    Foxes are one of the most frequent carriers of the Rabies virus on the East Coast. Rabies will be 100% fatal if left untreated.

Fox Removal

If a fox bites or scratches anyone or a pet, that fox must be safely trapped, killed, and sent to be tested for rabies. If for any reason the fox cannot be trapped, the person or animal bitten or scratched must go through a series of expensive and painful rabies shots. This is why fox trapping and fox removal is absolutely necessary, and should be delegated to the professionals.

What are ways to Detect A Fox Problem?

  • Seeing foxes on your property. Although mostly nocturnal animals, foxes sometimes are out and about during the daylight in search of specific food sources that are only out during the daytime. Mother foxes that are still nursing will often forage during the day.

  • Many people become aware of a possible fox attack near their home or office when their pet goes missing.

  • Seeing a fox going under a home or office building or business.  The fox may have taken over an existing armadillo den that was made under the home or business.

  • A baby fox (a kit) is found on your property. The mother fox and the rest of the kits should be nearby.

Trapping foxes is the most effective way to remove them.

Fox Trapping

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