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St. Lucie Duck Removal

Duck Removal

Muscovy ducks are a non-native species and are classified as feral domestic animals

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Broward County Rodent Control

Rodent Control

Removal of rats and mice with sanitizing treatments and monthly maintenance options

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Broward County Iguana Removal

Iguana Removal

Effective capture and removal of invasive Iguanas across Martin County FL 

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Animal Rangers Inc.

We provide quality pest control and animal removal services for commercial and residential properties in Martin County and surrounding areas in Florida. Our team of professional technicians are highly experienced and equipped to handle a variety of unique situations involving several types of wild animals. Contact us anytime to speak with an available wildlife management professional for humane animal trapping services.

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Cites We Service Within Martin County, Florida

Hobe Sound, Indiantown, Jensen Beach, Jupiter Island, Palm City, Port Mayaca, Port Salerno, Seminole Shores, Stuart

We Provide Quality Attic Restoration Services!

Do you know what kind of contamination that may be festering in your attic over the years? Have you had your attic checked lately? Animal Rangers provides professional attic cleaning, insulation extraction, attic vacuuming, feces removal, anti-microbial sanitizing and fresh insulation. Professional sanitizing treatments are performed with electric ultra-low volume (ULV) micro-jet fogging machines. We disperse a high grade antimicrobial disinfectant that is designed to eliminate biological contaminants such as micro-organisms, bacteria, mold and mildew. Our specialized treatments will provide thorough coverage with safe and effective results. Breathe fresh air again! Call us today for a free quote!

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Looking For Critter Control Services?

Charlotte FL Critter Control

Ask About Our Exclusion Services

Animal Rangers makes use of several methods of habitat modification and exclusion to effectively prevent wildlife from entering your home or property. Habitat modification entails identifying and limiting access to food, water or shelter for the target species. Exclusion techniques may include sealing entry points, placing screens over vents or establishing other barriers to intrusion from wildlife.

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Poisonous Toad Removal Services

Florida is home to the invasive poisonous Cane Toad, also known as Bufo Marinus or Marine Toad. When this toad feels agitated or threatened, it excretes a toxic milky white fluid from glands at the base of its head and neck. The toxic secretion has been known to kill dogs that mistakenly ingest even small amounts. We have a variety of techniques for getting rid of toads and keeping toad populations under control. Keep your pets safe! – Call us today to set an appointment.

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Poisonous Toad Removal
Bee and Wasp Removal Services

Bee Removal

Need help getting rid of bees?

Animal Rangers wildlife technicians are experienced in a variety of beehive removal techniques. We offer professional bee removal and wasp extermination services in Martin County, FL. Contact us to make an appointment with a bee control specialist to safely remove bee colonies. 

Never try to remove the bees yourself!

Did you know? – A colony of bees may generate approximately 40-45 lbs. of honeycomb after only 6 months of occupying a given location. Honeybees building a hive in the roof can quickly escalate to having much bigger problems if it is not handled properly.  Large scale bee removals from long term activity may often result in hefty removal and repair cost.

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Those Darn Ducks!
Need help removing ducks from your community?

Animal Rangers is often contracted by HOA communities to remove nuisance Muscovy duck populations and provide duck control services for residents in Martin County, FL.

How to get rid of ducks…
We use a variety of techniques to capture and remove nuisance ducks. Some properties may result in very successful duck removal services, while others may not be as lucky. People are often the source of Muscovy duck populations getting out of control. Feeding the ducks may result in extensive breeding. Muscovy ducks are extremely prolific animals. A female may nest 2-3 times in a year and rear clutches of up to 20 ducklings at a time.

Broward FL Duck Control
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Broward FL Carcass Removal
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Animal Carcass Removal Service

Animal Rangers is a contracted service for dead animal removal. We often provide removal of dead animals from roadways for cities which we provide coverage in. Contact your City Public Works Department if you spot a dead animal in a roadway. There is a service fee for transport and disposal of animal carcasses. Service charges are based on required response time and weight of the animal carcass needing removal. Higher rates may be applied for service calls on weekends or emergency after-hour animal pickup. Animal Rangers is not a non-profit organization. We charge a fee for services requiring swift professional response. Please call to discuss pricing if you would like to have a deceased animal removed from your property. If you are in need of dead animal removal from a roadway or a public right of way, please contact your local City Public Works Department for animal carcass pickup service.

Emergency Snake Removal Services

Our wildlife management specialists are on call to help get rid of snakes from residential or commercial properties. Snakes are often a concern for people with children or small pets. We provide fast response and safe removal of venomous snakes. We also provide trapping and effective snake control services in Martin County, FL. Our technicians are equipped with a variety of options for effective snake control.

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Broward FL Duck Control

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