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Attic Cleaning, Sanitizing and Insulation Services

Attic Cleaning

Sometimes the animals in your attic leave behind large amounts of feces and urine, which can constitute a health risk.

Quality Attic Restoration at Competitive Prices

Attic sanitizing treatments are recommended to ensure biological contaminants are eliminated. We then install new insulation to the owners specifications.

Over time, rats may cause extensive contamination from urine and feces in the attic insulation. Old attics tend to get extremely dirty from years of animal activity and dust buildup. Animal contamination and dust in the attic may become a health concern, especially those with allergies.

We provide specialized treatments to the attic with antimicrobial disinfectants which also contain deodorizing agents to neutralize odor causing bacteria.

Attic Entry Points

Animal Rangers also provides entry point repairs to keep animals out of your attic. Our rodent control specialists locate and seal entry points while also providing trapping and removal of rodents in the attic. We provide customized rat control services for residential communities and commercial properties in Florida.

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