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Types of Cockroaches

There are four main types of cockroaches that typically infest Florida homes. These include:

  • German cockroaches – These grow to about half an inch and are the most common type of roach in America. They rapidly populate and can lay 30-50 eggs each time, causing infestations quickly

  • American cockroaches – These roaches grow to almost two inches and can live for two years. These are commonly called “palmetto bugs” and can fly.

  • Asian cockroaches – Asian cockroaches are very similar in appearance to German cockroaches except they can fly.

  • Oriental cockroaches – These particularly enjoy moist environments, such as your basement, and can multiply quickly there.

Infestations and How To Prevent Them

Roaches are easily transportable insects that can hide in items you bring into your house like boxes, furniture, backpacks and other items. They can also move through pipes to find vulnerable cracks to get inside and find their way into your home or business around doors and windows without proper sealing.

To prevent infestations from the start, follow these steps:

  • Wipe down kitchen surfaces consistently – Keep your counter tops clean from leftover food and residue to reduce roach attraction.

  • Seal or patch cracks – Caulk can majorly help in preventing roaches. Check pipes, counter tops, and pantry spaces for cracks to seal to block roach openings.

  • Store food in airtight containers – Don’t leave food out in open areas to potentially attract roaches. Also avoid cardboard containers that are easily penetrable; opt for airtight containers instead.

  • Remove standing water and fix pipes – Roaches are attracted to moist environments, making areas susceptible to leaky pipes like under your sink, roof, and in your crawl space liable to roaches.

  • Clean out cabinets – Over time, crumbs and pieces of food fall inside your cabinets, becoming another food source for roaches.

  • Grab a flashlight – Regularly check for roaches in cabinets, pantries, crawl space and under sinks to continually ensure that roaches aren’t hiding in dark places.

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