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Squirrels, or even one squirrel can be an extreme nuisance to your living environment. Whether they are in your attic or finding their way into your home or office, it is important to get the problem remedied before they become a larger problem.

What are ways to Detect A Squirrel Problem?

  • Seeing squirrels going into the crawl space under your home or business (squirrels can crawl up walls, into the attic, and do significant damage)

  • Finding feces or urine stains in your attic can be an indicator of a squirrel problem

  • Hearing noises or rustling in the attic can be an indication that there was or is a squirrel problem

  • Finding gnawed wiring or air conditioning duct work is a common way to detect there could be a squirrel problem

Squirrel Control

Common Reasons for Squirrel Removal

  • Squirrels can cause a lot of damage
    Squirrels are like rats and mice, and must gnaw on things to wear their teeth down, while destroying electrical wiring, air conditioning duct work and dry wall. Squirrel removal is essential to prevent costly damage in your home or office.  We not only remove the animals, we also offer animal-proofing service to help prevent a re-occurrence.

  • Squirrels are unsanitary and could cause negative health effects
    Squirrels typically leave their feces and urine on the attic insulation and in various places in your home, or office, producing a strong and repulsive smell, and could also cause negative health effects. This smell can increase when a squirrel dies and begins to decompose. The dead animal carcass is covered in parasites and additional odorous bacteria that really need to be removed.

  • Squirrels carry diseases
    Squirrels may look very cute but they are also very dangerous. It is possible for a squirrel to have rabies but very unlikely. Anything large enough to bite a squirrel, that would also carry the rabies virus, would probably just kill that squirrel, rather than infecting them. Be careful! Squirrels can bite.  If bitten by a squirrel, seek medical attention promptly, to prevent the risk of infection. This is another reason why removal is absolutely necessary, and should be delegated to the professionals.

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