Florida Dead Animal Removal Services
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Common Reasons for Dead Animal Removal Services:

  • Animals that die are unsanitary and could cause negative health effects.
    Once the animal is removed, the area needs to be disinfected and deodorized. The ecto-parasites then need to be exterminated before they find a new host.

  • The dead body of an animal can create a strong, foul smell.
    When an animal dies in the attic or walls of a home or business, the odor can be intense until properly treated.

Dead Animal Removal
  • Dead Animal parasites are a hazard to pets and humans.
    All of the ecto-parasites that once lived on the animal can no longer use that animal for food/nutrition. Therefore will seek out a new host (which could be pets or humans). These ecto-parasites often transmit diseases, so they need to be exterminated.

Animal Rangers are trained and experienced in removing all sorts of animals from your home, your office, or your business.

What are ways to detect that an animal may have died ?

  • A strong smell in a home, office, or building.
    If there is a strong smell, the dead animal could be in the attic, wall, or even in the air conditioning duct work. The smell will not go away until the animal is removed, or the animal carcass thoroughly decomposes.

  • Pets or humans become infested with parasites.
    The ecto-parasites that once lived on the animal carcass (fleas, ticks, mites, or lice) look for new hosts, such as pets or humans.

  • Flies swarm around a home or business.
    When flies are seen flying all around a home or business building, it frequently means that an animal may have died in the attic, wall, or under the structure.

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