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Skunks are slow-moving mammals and members of the weasel family, commonly identified by their jet-black fur with one or more white stripes running down their backs. Humans are often frightened by the site of skunks because of their ability to spray a foul and pungent odor to defend against predators. A striped skunk will be about as big as a house cat, and a very shy. Avoid being sprayed and leave the skunk removal to the professionals at Animal Rangers.

Skunk Removal

What are ways to Detect A Skunk Problem?

  • Skunks dig small holes in your yard, your garden, and your business landscaping to find and feed on small insects, grubs and worms.

  • Seeing skunks crawling under your home or business.  From there, skunks dig dens in the ground.

  • Tracks can be helpful in identifying skunks. Skunks have five toes. Their heels are usually not part of the tracks, and their claw marks are usually somewhat visible.

  • Skunk droppings also often contain undigested insect parts.

  • Best way to identify skunks is, unfortunately by their odor.  Hopefully you don’t have to deal with a skunk spray, but you’ll know for sure you have a skunk problem when they decide to spray.

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