Professional Armadillo Removal Services
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Signs you may need armadillo removal

  • Larger than average tunnels appearing under the structure of your property

  • Landscaping is uprooted and torn apart

  • Cracking concrete over burrow trails

  • Torn and cracked pipes within the path of the burrowing armadillo

  • Smaller dug-outs throughout your lawn

  • Upset family pets

Posted by Animal Rangers, Inc. on Friday, January 2, 2015

Armadillos are known for their digging and burrowing tendencies, which can make them a major nuisance to Florida home and business owners. Professionally trapping and removing an armadillo is the best way to handle the issue. In fact, the state of Florida requires that armadillos be trapped and removed by a professional, licensed animal removal agency.

These critters can be stubborn animals that do not typically respond to commercial repellent often sold on the market. In many cases, they just push right past mothballs or other detractors. Some people resort to pouring animal urine and bleach to repel armadillos, however, these rarely work and bleach is extremely harmful to the environment. Armadillos are also nocturnal animals, so they sneak around all hours of the night while you