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Florida is a home to 45 species of snakes. 6 of them are venomous and a danger to humans.

Many of which may look dangerous to humans. However, most are ultimately beneficial in the capture of rats and mice. Common non-venomous snake species include the Black Racer, Corn Snake, Eastern Garter Snake, Milk Snake, Yellow Rat Snake, Banded Water Snake, Southern Ringneck Snake, and maybe a Southern Black Snake or Rough Green Snake.

All snakes are carnivorous predators that feed on a variety of small prey. Like many predators, they can be beneficial in the elimination of unwanted vermin such as rodents. However, many people are not comfortable having snakes around, particularly venomous snakes. Snakes are most often spotted in the yard, but we find them in pools, inside houses, and even attics. We safely capture and remove snakes, and even provide snake trapping and prevention services.

People are most likely to encounter snakes if their property provides good snake habitat. Like all animals, snakes are looking for a good place to hunt and live. Sometimes people just happen to come across transient snakes. A venomous snake is most dangerous if surprised or provoked. Many venomous snakes give a warning (such as the rattle of a rattlesnake) or other signs before striking, though this is not always the case. Snakes must be within striking range in order to inflict a bite. This varies by snake, but can be up to half the snake’s body length. Most venomous bites fall under accident categories, and (as evidenced by the high number of hand and arm bites) careless handling or provoking.

Have you ever been bitten by a Black Racer? 😱🐍 #welcometoflorida

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About Florida’s Venomous Snakes

Florida is home to six kinds of