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Common Types of Ants in Florida

  • Ghost Ants. These ants are very light in color and very fast. They’re smaller than most ants and have a sharp sense of smell. They’ll try and attack any open food that’s sweet, and their teeth are sharp enough to break through packaged food.

  • Carpenter Ants. These ants search for voids where they can nest, or excavate soft materials like rotten wood or styrofoam. Be careful when dealing with carpenter ants because their bite can really hurt.

  • Pharaoh Ants. These might be the worst ants to find in your home. It takes professional treatments to get rid of Pharaoh ants because they can survive through most conventional household pest treatments. They like sweet, fatty, and oily foods, and are yellowish or red in color.

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Posted by Animal Rangers, Inc. on Saturday, June 29, 2019
Florida Ant Control

Prevention Tips to Avoid Ants Entering Your Home

Are you attracting ants into your home? Ants love food and water just like you do. Here are some tips to make your home less inviting:

  • Standing water – Fix any leaky pipes or faucets so there isn’t any standing water inside.

  • Air-tight containers – Keep all food that you want to store in cabinets or on your counters in air-tight containers. If possible, keep fruit and vegetables in your fridge.

  • Pet food – Don’t let your pet’s food and water stay out all night.

  • Clean – Don’t let dishes stay in the sink for too long, and wipe up spills as soon as they happen.

  • Garbage – Take the garbage out at least once a day and use a trash can that has an air-tight lid.

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