Professional Bird Control & Removal Services
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Most people think of birds as beautiful and free in their ability to soar above the earth and gently touchdown wherever their hearts desire. Truth is birds are wild animals and they can become a nuisance when they decide to take up residence on or in your building or business. Animal Rangers offer quality bird control and removal services. Check out our exclusion services to prevent birds from entering your home or business.

Nuisance birds common to South Florida include:

  • Pigeons

  • Sparrows

  • Crows

  • Grackles

  • Starlings

  • Vultures

  • Woodpeckers

Some of the more common bird problems are

  • Nests or droppings in the attic

  • chimney infested with nests

  • Birds in the vents or soffits

  • gutters are clogged with nests

  • Birds in your garage or shed

attic removal


Pigeons are a species of bird that is common in both city and rural environments. Animal Rangers can help you to remove this bird from your home or business. Pigeons are a disease carrying pest animal. There are a number of diseases that are attributable to pigeons. It is best to remove them as soon as you can. Left untreated accumulation of pigeon droppings can cause damage to your home. Droppings can cause a roof to begin to rot; which in turn can cause leaks in your home. You should not attempt to clean up these pigeon droppings on your own as they are known to cause Histoplasmosis.

Sparrows & Starlings

Sparrows and Starlings often choose to nest in buildings. They can be a nuisance in numbers, and bring along quite a bit of nesting material, which in the right (wrong) spot can lead to fire hazard or clogged drain pipes. The uric acid in their droppings can lead to structural damage and also pose a health risk. They can carry a number of parasites, like all birds.


Woodpeckers may damage homes because of feeding behavior. Damage consisting of long, narrow furrows following horizontal or vertical seams or along window frames is evidence of woodpeckers searching for insects such as wood boring bees, carpenter ants, wasps, or other insects that bore into the wood or find these cracks attractive for shelter. This searching behavior by woodpeckers may or may not indicate the presence of insect pests but results in damage nonetheless.