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You might never come face to face with a bobcat, but that doesn’t mean these solitary carnivores don’t pose a threat. Bobcats can be found in suburban and rural areas across North America, and as their habitats become increasingly threatened, they’re more likely to find their way onto your property to prey on small forest mammals, house pets, and livestock. We handle a variety of animal removal and wildlife control services.

How To Know If You Have A Bobcat Problem?

  • You see evidence of slain woodland creatures like deer, voles and rabbits.

  • Your own pets or livestock such as pigs, goats, and chickens have been killed or gone missing.

  • Your lawn exhibits deep scratches and tear marks.

  • You see bobcat feces, or your property exhibits a strong musky odor from their urine.

More problematically, if you encounter them once, you’re likely to do so again, since bobcats mark their territory and will return to places where food is available.

Bobcat video

Video of a bobcat at one of our job sites

Posted by Animal Rangers, Inc. on Saturday, February 9, 2013

We’ll assess your situation and recommend options to prevent bobcats, including:

  • Keeping household pets inside at night.

  • Enclosing any livestock or free-roaming animals in secure pens with a protective roof covering.

  • Installing fences at least 10 feet high to keep bobcats off your property entirely.

  • Not feeding or tending to local wildlife such as deer, so there are fewer food options to attract bobcats to your area in the first place.

Our wildlife professionals will examine your property and work to trap and move any troublesome bobcats. However, because of their tendency to return to old habitats, bobcats are notoriously difficult to successfully catch and relocate and even if they are, a new bobcat is often likely to take its place. That’s why prevention is your best approach.

Florida bobcat trapping

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