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We provide expert Muscovy duck trapping and removal services for residential and commercial properties. Our wildlife specialists use a variety of methods to capture, remove and control populations of nuisance Muscovy ducks in Florida.

The most common complaints against Muscovy ducks

  • Duck droppings

  • Aggressive ducks around people

  • Causing lawn damage

Muscovy ducks are not considered “wildlife” in Florida. They are actually feral domestic animals. 

Florida Ducks
Muscovy Duck Appearance

Muscovy Duck Appearance

Caruncles are a major distinguishing Muscovy duck characteristic. Usually only present on males, caruncles are fleshy, red, warty bumps that cover the area around the eyes and extend to the base of the bill. Muscovy ducks weigh anywhere between 10 and 15 pounds (4 and 7 kg), and males are typically larger than females. They may appear solid white, solid black, or mottled, with males featuring an iridescent green or purple sheen to their feathers, unlike females of the species. They also have long, flat tails and large claws.

Muscovy Duck Trapping and Removal Services

Trapping and Removal

Muscovy ducks are wild animals that can carry fatal diseases. Untrained individuals should not attempt to trap or remove the ducks from public or private spaces under any circumstances. Hire a Animal Rangers professional that is familiar with how to properly handle the removal of these birds. 

Muscovy Duck Damage

Muscovy Duck Damage

Muscovy duck populations are growing rapidly in Florida. Their presence in public parks can be dangerous to humans; for example, the consequences of overfeeding the ducks. They will chase and attempt to bite people at random. Additionally, Muscovies pose several health threats. For example, their droppings often get into water supplies and seriously affect the quality. Furthermore, Muscovy ducks are known carriers of the avian influenza virus, which can be fatal to both the ducks and humans who contract the disease.

Muscovy Duck Control

Muscovy Duck Control

Trapping and removal is the most effective way to control overpopulation. Contact Animal Rangers today to schedule duck removal with one of our experienced technicians. 

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