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The most frequently encountered types of lizards in Florida include the common House Gecko, Mediterranean House Gecko, Green and Brown Anoles, Western Fence Lizards. Also including Skinks, Salamanders, and Iguanas.


Predatory lizards, such as geckos, commonly enter homes throughout the southern U.S. in search of bugs to eat. The smaller reptiles can squeeze through cracks and holes as small as a quarter of an inch wide.

Other types of lizards are commonly seen in gardens and yards eating bugs or plants.

Nocturnal house geckos are common in urban areas and prey on insects attracted to street lamps and human activity. Western fence lizards prefer to live in rocky outcroppings, cliffs, and mountains.


Lizard Control and Safety

Lizards are generally skilled climbers, so special types of fencing must be utilized to keep them away. Residents should fill in or seal gaps in their walls, such as those found around pipe and wire entrances, door and window screens, or vents, with caulk, foam, mesh, or cloth barriers.

Lizards cannot chew through building materials like rats can and will not cause structural damage to homes. Some lizards bite if handled, so residents should call an expert to remove lizards found in homes or yards.

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