Florida Wildlife Control & Removal Services

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Animal Rangers provides a wide variety of professional wildlife control & removal services.
We offer safe, humane animal removal of local Florida wildlife.

The FIRST STEP is identifying the animal that is causing you problems.

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Florida Armadillo Removal Services


Humane trapping and removal is commonly the most effective method to get rid of armadillos digging in the yard.

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Florida Bat Removal Services


Bats are very beneficial to the environment and Florida is home to 13 bat species. The most common bat found in buildings throughout Florida and the U.S. are the Little Brown Bat.

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Florida Bird Removal Services


Don’t let Birds start building nests in your attic. Birds in your home is a problem that should be dealt with quickly.

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Florida Bobcat Removal Services


Bobcats can sometimes end up in densely populated areas. Animal Rangers provides services for removal of nuisance bobcats that become a concern for residential communities.

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Florida Coyote Removal Services


Coyotes can cause damage to livestock and pets. They are a nuisance animal that thrives in residential neighborhoods.

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Florida Dead Animal Removal Services

Dead Animals

Our trained professionals will find the source of the dead animal, and remove it safely. We provide odor control services to remove the smell that will happen as a result.

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Florida Duck Control Services


Muscovy ducks often become a nuisance in communities and around businesses because of overpopulation. FWC website states that these ducks have a higher potential to spread disease.

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Florida Feral Cat Removal Services

Feral Cats

Feral and free-ranging (outdoor) cats will hunt and kill even if well fed, and that can make them a major threat to native wildlife.

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Florida Fox Removal Services


Foxes are one of the largest carriers of the rabies and are threats to small pets. It is important to get your problem with foxes remedied before they become a larger problem.

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Florida Frog & Toad Removal Services

Frogs & Toads

When a cane toad becomes agitated or defensive, it secretes a potent milky toxin from glands at the base of its head and neck. Dogs are often at high risk of being poisoned by cane toads.

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Florida Gopher Removal Services


Gophers may be cute little creatures, but they can wreak havoc in your yard. If you are dealing with this issue, then you are in need of gopher removal.

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Florida Hog Removal Services


These fast moving animals have been known to attack household pets, livestock, and small children when they feel threatened.

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Florida Iguana Control Services


Iguanas are an invasive species. Our iguana trapping and removal services have proven to be an excellent method for iguana control around canals and waterways.

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Florida Lizard Removal Services


Most native lizards are more of a nuisance than a threat. Exotic species can be dangerous and cause a harmful impact on the native wildlife.

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Florida Mole Removal Services


Moles, and the tunnels they create, are often considered a garden nuisance. While their tunnels are an annoyance to most, some people consider these tiny mammals beneficial since they feed on potentially harmful insects like mole crickets, grubs, ants, and slugs.

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Florida Opossum Removal Services


Opossums have a tendency to end up in a lot of unusual places and may require professional assistance for safe removal.

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Florida Raccoon Removal Services


Raccoon removal from your attic, roof or yard is especially important in urban areas and in rural areas where they will prey on small domestic animals and on crops. Raccoons are, in most cases, nocturnal.

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Florida Skunk Removal Services


Skunks become a nuisance to Florida homeowners by spreading their powerful skunk odor near the homeowners property. Nuisance skunks often take up harborage underneath decks, sheds, patios, and other outbuildings.

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Florida Snake Control Services


Snakes are often a concern for people with children or small pets. We provide fast response and safe removal of venomous snakes.

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Florida Squirrel Removal Services


Coyotes can cause damage to livestock and pets. They are a nuisance animal that thrives in residential neighborhoods.

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Florida Turtle Removal Services


Tortoises are long-lived reptiles that occupy upland habitat throughout Florida including forests, pastures, and yards. They dig deep burrows for shelter and forage on low-growing plants.

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