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Turtles can become a nuisance in almost any body of water. Any small body of water with an adequate food source will do. If the water has food in it or around it, turtles may decide to take up residence there.

Damage Turtles Can Cause

In residential areas, most problems occur when local turtles find a man made fish pond containing koi, goldfish, or other ornamental fish.

These natural fish tanks are prime targets for many predators including raccoon, fox, coyote, birds of prey, and turtles. Since turtles can be a somewhat sneaky predator, it’s not unusual for them to move into a small pond and go unseen for some time as they slowly deplete the fish population. Don’t hesitate and call Animal Rangers if you are experiencing any of these problems and ask about our turtle removal services. 

Where do Florida softshell turtles live?

These turtles prefer dwelling in slow-moving fresh water bodies that have sand or mud bottoms. However, at times, they also enter brackish water near the mouths of streams.


These turtles are primarily aquatic, and would spend most of the time in the water. However, they are equally adept to both land and water, and have the ability to move at quick pace in both. When on land, they are often seen buried in the soft mud or under sand in and around their habitat. While basking, they rest upon floating vegetation, logs, or in the muddy banks. These creatures hunt and chase down prey. Scavenging is also a part of their eating habits. At times, they have been seen burying themselves under sand with their heads exposed and attack unsuspecting prey when it comes within their reach.

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